Passionate Sport Betting – the nature of betting and the Asian Handicap

Since the dawn of the civilisation, betting has been with us in many forms and is even older than written history. What is more, with hyper-globalisation and pervasive digitalisation, the world has been becoming a place of virtual betting of which regulation is a big deal for us not only in the western, but also in the eastern side of the globe.  

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Smart betting

Before discussing any soccer betting tricks, any sports betting fan should realize that the most important factor in a successful sports betting strategy is choosing the best bets in your portfolio. Experienced sports betting fans can often see at a glance whether an odd is lucrative or not. If in doubt, comparing odds can also help to identify the best bets. But a lot is already gained if a sports betting fan even thinks about the quality of the odds. The bookies from the bookmaker comparison all have a high average odds key, so it is very easy to find many excellent bets. However, the search takes a little time, so that it is often only a matter of finding very good bets. It is not necessary to keep using the ultimate best bets in your portfolio if it would take a long time to search.

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What are Asian Handicap bets?

The Asian Handicap (AHC) is a special form of classic (European) handicap bet. It is a very multifaceted frame coming from Asia and has been becoming ever-more popular in Europe simply because in principle it offers greater winning opportunities for your sports betting as compared to the conventional 3-way bets. Consequently, the Asian handicap is much more complex than normal handicap betting and is therefore more likely to recommend experienced sports weather than for beginners.

AHC, applied especially for football bets, is always available when two uneven teams face themselves and there is a clear favourite and outsider. With the Asian Handicap, the supposed imbalance is compensated. Because a team is provided in advance with a fictitious residue or projection. Logically, the favourite receives a fictitious residue (Minustore) or the Underdog a bonus in the form of a fictitious projection (Plustore). The height of the handicaps can be selected from present options. At the end of the game and for the evaluation of the Asian Handicap bet, the specified handicap is added or subtracted to the real end result.

At the Asian Handicap, there are more attractive odds on the favourites as if you would accompany the chosen game with a 3-way bet, where the favourite ratio is usually very poor. Finally, the favourite has to catch up a hypothetical residue resulting in reducing profitability by pushing the quota in reverse.


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Asian Handicap vs. European Handicap: Where is the difference?

So far, there are no differences between normal handicap betting and the Asian variant. Finally, both types of projection bets pursue the same principle in which working with fictitious protrusions and residues. But nevertheless, there are striking differences that are shown below.

On the one hand, at the Asian Handicap, the option, along with whole handicaps (e.g., +1, +2, -1, -2) also half (e.g., +0.5, +1.5, -0.5) quarter (+0.25, +1.25, -0.25) or three-quarters (+0.75, 1.75, -0.75) handicaps to be awarded. The normal handicap works exclusively with integers. Thanks to the additional values ​​you have more competitions at the Asian Handicap. Is it enough? We do not think so. Importantly, with AHC bets you can protect you from a draw! It basically falls away. Because in reality only whole and no half or quarter goals are achieved.

Finally, if you carefully follow the following principles, you might minimise the risk associated with your sport betting. First, only suitable and reputable betting sites shall be taken into account. Second, always look around to get better odds (i.e., monitoring and checking most of the other markets at the same time to get better odds). Third, do not forget that studying team’s scoring records is instructive. Fourth, be aware of current team forms and the context behind them while always consider team motivation. And fifth, remember to the wisdom of Lao Tzu, always do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. It holds in AHC, as well.

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